SUGCON ANZ 2022 Sessions

  • A look into the future - a sneak peak into Sitecore's Platform DXP Roadmap

    While there is a lot of buzz around Sitecore's composable DXP offerings, the Sitecore's Platform DXP is still alive and kicking. Come and see what the future holds as we take a look at Sitecore's Platform DXP roadmap.

    Room 1
    Thu 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm
  • XM Cloud - Developer Experience

    Developer experience using XM Cloud

    Room 1
    Thu 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm
  • Our journey to the future - v9 PaaS to Jamstack with headless Sitecore

    “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” - Mark Twain.

    It has been an exciting Sitecore vision and journey for us at Foodstuffs New Zealand, re-platforming XC from Sitecore 9 PaaS to Sitecore 10 Containers. The journey does not stop as we look to complete our roadmap with a futuristic Jamstack Ecommerce platform. This session summarizes our motivation behind the transformation, challenges faced, learnings and most importantly, a sneak peek into the benefits we are enjoying now.

    Room 1
    Thu 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm
  • Putting together the data puzzle

    Putting together the pieces of your Data Model Puzzle for many businesses is common headache, as most are dealing with multiple databases, legacy platforms, and siloed solutions that have been implemented independently by separate teams in their organisation. When data exists in silos it cannot be fully utilised to enrich conversations with customers and empower teams with the right data for intelligent decision making.

    You can only create exceptional customer experiences by investing in your customer data infrastructure. Companies that use customer data effectively can deliver better experiences, make better decisions, and more easily achieve their growth goals.

    This presentation steps through the 6 principles for improving your data management, how to audit your legacy solutions and how to prepare for a Sitecore ecosystem integration. This presentation also walk through client case studies on how we have been able to achieve our client’s integration goals improve business intelligence and unlock real revenue generating insights through connecting Sitecore with data visualisation tool Power BI.


    DiJones Real Estate
    Global Payments

    Room 2
    Thu 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm
  • Go live with Sitecore, Docker and Kubernetes

    I have presented in SUGCON ANZ 2019 for "Accelerating your development team with Docker"

    In last 2-3 years, we have built 3 Sitecore projects (Inland Revenue, Reserve bank of New Zealand and Foodstuffs) with docker.

    Have got a lot of learnings from this projects. It would be great to share this learnings with the Sitecore community.

    I would love to share the problems that developers face while building the sites with Docker/Kubernetes and also the solutions for them.

    Things I would love to share:

    1. Best ways of working with docker.
    There are many things that can help developers to speed up. e.g. best specs for the machine, some tricks about speeding up your laptop with docker, Easy debugging ideas within containers.

    2. Get your containers into Kubernetes with Azure Devops.
    This is one of the areas that is not very well documented on the net. We have learnt lot of things while deploying our containers from local env to Kubernetes. We have got Blue/Green deployments also working with Kubernetes with the help of Ingress. Skipping X-connect pods in deployment to speed up deployment if nothing changed on them.

    3. Going live with Kubernetes and it's challenges.
    Kubernetes needs specialized knowledge and can be tricky to work with. In last 2 years, we have got a cheatsheet of commands that we use which gets very handy while working with Kubernetes. Also, I can share some good tips on what are good idea vs bad idea while working on Kubernetes.

    4. Capturing memory dumps inside containers.
    It has been very challenging to get memory dumps while the site faces any issue in production. We have got some good scenarios and commands that we can share that helps with doing memory dumps in containers while the site is having issues.

    5. Horizontal scaling and best configuration for AKS.
    We have got multiple Nodes and Pods running for CD and how we find the best scaling inside AKS. How to scale pods among different Nodes to always have your CD site running.

    Room 1
    Thu 4:25 pm - 5:10 pm
  • Customer centric PropTech stack using Sitecore JSS for 360 view of customer lifecycle

    Fragmented digital experience across the website, CRM and other proprietary systems did not give the business the connected data and 360-degree view of the customer that would allow them to disrupt the real estate industry and become the customer-centric real estate market leader on the Australian East Coast.

    Attend out session to learn how by connecting data sources of buyer, seller, renter & investor, the real estate industry can now have 1st party data for segmentation & holistic customer intelligence that allows them to service any customer type in 1 or more of 4 lifecycle segments. With this, you can achieve goals of shifting from the traditional property-focussed, single transaction approach to real estate, to having the customer at the centre of any transaction – whether buyer, seller, renter, or investor – increasing customer lifetime value of your customer.

    A multi-facet data approach was put at the centre of this transformation. This included the integration of data sources of four the contact types, together with stakeholders within the real-estate value chain (agents, marketing, lawyers), property data and DXP data into Sitecore xDB.

    Attend and Learn:

    • Build of intelligent digital experiences that use GeoIP Services, Engagement Value Scores, customer profiles & Sitecore rules engine to communicate with context to customers across channels.
    • Integration of unified customer data to deliver omnichannel personalised experiences based on profiles, goals and business actions taken
    • Creation of targeted and segmented dynamic lists for automated experiences that build relationships, drive value and business outcomes
    • Creation of business data rules with integrations to seamlessly push data into Sitecore for campaign orchestration, next best conversation personalisation, listing reminders, and 1:1 tailored automation by interest and audience type.
    • Power BI data visualisation has enabled the team to analyse, identify and spot trends, patterns, and valuable insights directly from Sitecore xDB, data-lake and connected 3rd party integrations.
    • Consolidating technologies, digitising processes and removing redundant processes accelerated projects to market, improved customer experience and grew the product offering
    • Reducing operational costs and increasing automation has increased business efficiency for staff and agents.

    Room 2
    Thu 4:25 pm - 5:10 pm
  • Getting started with Experience Edge

    Headless is the future, and Experience Edge opens up a new world of possibilities for headless architectures. By separating the website from the CMS we gain much more control over the website application, allowing us to use any language, framework or dependency we desire. Plus, we open up our existing content for use across more channels.

    So how does Experience Edge fit into a headless architecture? What kinds of applications can I build? And how will my websites be different to developing a normal Sitecore site? These are the questions we will answer in this session.

    Room 1
    Thu 5:15 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Making the transition to headless without losing your head

    “Headless” is more than just a buzzword in the CMS space - there are some compelling reasons to separate content management from delivery - but making the transition from a “traditional” server-based model (MVC and WebForms) to a headless solution involves a lot more than just hiring a front end developer.

    In this session, we’ll look at the reasons why a move to headless delivery might be in your future and examine some of the options available in the Sitecore space. Then we will explore some business considerations, the mix of skills required in your team, how developer workflows and CI/CD might be impacted, and some pitfalls to look out for along the way. We’ll also explore what the future could look like and how you might map out a path from server-based to headless and on to XM Cloud, Experience Edge, and composable DXP.

    Room 2
    Thu 5:15 pm - 6:00 pm
  • The new normal: Composable enterprise implementations with Sitecore Experience Edge and Content Hub

    The session outlines some real-world learnings from a project delivering a modern headless and composable solution leveraging Sitecore and other technologies.

    How to put together a composable solution architecture
    * Key patterns, principles and technologies for modern headless digital platforms
    * Working with Sitecore Experience Edge for XM and Content Hub in a composable architecture
    * How other capabilities such as CDP, personalisation, eCommerce and search fit in

    Deloitte Digital Australia is a Platinum Sitecore Implementation Partner and 2021 APJ Partner of the Year.

    Room 1
    Fri 9:00 am - 9:45 am
  • The Composable Customer

    As digital marketers we all know the value of orchestrating and curating customer experience across touchpoints. We learn so much about intent and sales opportunity - and if we record the data in an actionable ecosystem, we can positively improve digital experience in real time. Awesome!

    But what’s it like for them? You know…. the customer. Is it worth making the “privacy for experience” trade-off we accept every day?

    What does a composed customer journey look like from the customers perspective? Join Sitecore experience veteran and 5-time Strategy MVP Greg Baxter for a journey across the Sitecore composable ecosystem as we create “in the moment” experiences that guide the customer across XM, Sitecore Send, Personalise and CDP.

    After all, making amazing customer experiences is what we do with all the cool tech, right?

    Room 2
    Fri 9:00 am - 9:45 am
  • Developer learnings from Sitecore Content Hub Implementation

    This session mainly talks about Sitecore developer experience working on Sitecore Content Hub Implementation, which gives an idea of what to expect while working on Content Hub implementations.
    - How different it is to normal Sitecore Implementations.
    - How developers can learn and work on the Content Hub platform
    - Things to take care of while building the entity models
    - Integrations - Web Client SDK is a friend
    - Asset Migrations
    - Overall best practices

    Room 1
    Fri 10:00 am - 10:45 am
  • Accelerated personalisation

    Optimised digital experiences are the baseline for many brands. With connected data, platforms and processes reaching new levels of maturity – how can we drive enablement of personalisation, decisioning and automation, while building a culture of experimentation? We’ll discuss a framework designed to optimise the path to personalisation, using lean experimentation to design, build and validate initiatives in the shortest period of time, with maximum stakeholder engagement.

    Room 2
    Fri 10:00 am - 10:45 am
  • Content modelling will make your life easier. Seriously.

    As we make the shift to composable platforms and headless, API first architectural patterns we are faced with an existing problem and a chance to solve it. In this session we will discuss approaches for creating reusable and extensible content models that focus on content rather than context and the freedom this decoupling brings to developers, designers and content authors.

    As Sitecore developers and content creators you’re probably most familiar with the concept of page templates that typically focus on the composition of a full page. When moving to a headless CMS we work with content models that deal with matters of content structure, not the presentation of content. Content models should:
    • Focus on repeatability
    • Are not wedded to a given platform or medium
    • Form the basis for syndication
    • Are critical for multichannel and omnichannel experiences
    In this session we will discuss approaches for developers to embrace content and move away from thinking about components and presentation options to create reusability. For content authors and marketers you’ll start to think about how to move away from the page, and gain ideas for how content can be reused not just for presentation on the web, but across multiple channels.

    Room 1
    Fri 11:00 am - 11:45 am
  • Going Headless with Sitecore Personalise

    A walk through around standing up Sitecore Personalise, what it's for and what it's not for. Capabilities and real world examples using Personalise in a Headless environment.

    Room 2
    Fri 11:00 am - 11:45 am
  • Composable DXP with Personalisation - CPA Australia

    CPA Australia is currently embarking on a massive digital transformation journey. The very first step, is to redesign the corporate web site using Sitecore 10 XM JSS. This session will describe what the martech stack for CPA looks like. With a very high level architectural structures, the importance of personalisation, tactical solution and approaches with some high level detail on technical implementation due to various technical constraints.
    The next phase of the Headless build, and how CPA Australia is going to take it to the next phase alongside with the digital transformation journey.

    Room 1
    Fri 12:45 pm - 1:30 pm
  • Experience Edge at Scale: Implementing the Sitecore Composable Stack

    In this session, I will cover how Sitecore Experience Edge enables Jamstack, lessons learned during a migration to Sitecore Experience Edge + XM, and how the solution performs at scale across multiple channels – all while showcasing a real enterprise implementation. Whether you’re already using Sitecore, considering a new implementation, or just curious about how Sitecore fits into the Jamstack world, you will leave armed for success using the technologies of tomorrow.

    Room 2
    Fri 12:45 pm - 1:30 pm
  • OrderCloud and the Shipping Blueprint

    As OrderCloud doesn't have an opinionated view of how shipping methods and rates should be managed for orders, this leaves the implementer to integrate a shipping provider or implement their own shipping management functionality into their solution.

    This session will review the OrderCloud shipping blueprint implemented on the Headstart sample repository.
    The end-to-end implementation will demonstrate the shipping management capabilities in the seller application for business users, as well as the checkout user journey in which the shipping methods are selected by the customers.
    Finally, we will dive into the code to identify key functionality, and tips and tricks, to show how to effectively build on top of the OrderCloud API.

    Room 1
    Fri 1:35 pm - 2:20 pm
  • Pro Services Insights into improving Sitecore XP

    So you're on XP, and it's not performing the way you want it to. What can you do about it?
    In this session we'll go over the common pitfalls and issues that the Sitecore Professional Services team have come across in XP implementations, and how to fix them.
    Poor site performance? Struggling xDB analytics? Log error messages that don't make any sense?
    We've seen it all.... now let's help you fix them up.

    Room 2
    Fri 1:35 pm - 2:20 pm
  • Become a Sitecore Rockstar: Everything you wanted to know about MVPs but were too afraid to ask.

    MVPs are Sitecore rockstars and great advocates for the software and the brand. But how hard is it to become an MVP, how hard is it to stay one? What are the perks and what can it mean for your career?

    Zoe Freeman, who runs the Sitecore Alliance at Deloitte Digital will host this MVP panel and de-mystify achieving this illustrious title.

    Room 1
    Fri 3:35 pm - 4:20 pm
  • Modern DevOps – what does automation look like in a composable world?

    With Sitecore’s move to the Composable DXP, a lot of the previous DevOps works we completed is no longer applicable. With the release of XM Cloud most of the server instances we previously had to provision and scale when running XM, are now managed for us. However, there is still DevOps work to be completed – the XM Cloud instance can be customised, you’re still responsible for hosting the different heads used to deliver your unique experiences, and you still need to define the flow your development teams will be following.

    The leads to questions like, how can you automate the deployment of your customisations into XM Cloud? How can you automate the deployment of the heads you’ve built to run against XM Cloud? What happens if you have different heads built in different technologies, all hosted on completely separate platforms? How can you automate the serialisation of content into XM Cloud? Do your developers need to run the full solution locally, or can they just develop the head they’re working on directly against XM Cloud?

    In this session will focus on questions like these to show what DevOps looks like in a composable world. I’ll demonstrate some patterns you can use to optimise your deployments synchronised across all the different platforms you’ll be interacting with.

    The session will provide demonstrations showing:
    • Automated Deployments
    • Multi-site instances
    • Multi-technology heads
    • Automated Content serialisation
    • Multi-environment deployments
    • Multiple example developer flows

    The session will focus on the following technologies stacks:
    • Sitecore XM Cloud
    • GitHub Actions
    • Vercel for the JS heads
    • Azure for the .NET heads

    Room 1
    Fri 4:15 pm - 5:00 pm
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